I have been listening to the Vampire Diaries.  I was hesitant in doing this.  You know when you read a book and then see a movie, sometimes it can be very frustrating because they leave so much out that you think was important?  I do watch the series on CW.  I really like it and because of this it had made me delay in listening.  One of my daughters has been coming home and telling me that a friend of hers really likes the books and that they are different from the series.  I gave in and purchased the first book.  I really liked it and was very surprised in how much they really are different.  It was simular to the series in the way of names or charchters in the book and some events, but really overall it is like different story.  I was so pleased with the  first book.  I went and purchased books 2-4 and listened to those also.  I have really enjoyed listening to all 4.  There is 2 more books that are out on audio and I will purchase them when I get my credits.  I have encouraged my daughter to listen and she said she would rather buy the books and read them.
These are by L. J. Smith
Book titles
1-Vampire Diaries; The Awakening
2-Vampire Diaries;  The Struggle
3-Vampire Diaries;  The Fury
4-Dark Reuion
5-the Return;  Nightfall
6-The Return;  Shadow Souls
I have listened to 1-4 and give them all ***** 5 Stars.  If you are looking for something to read, pick up the first book and give it a try.  If you want to listen go download or purchase an Audio book.  I use Audible and there is 3 levels of memberships you can choose from.  I use the one that you pay 22.95 each month and you receive 2 credits.  Most of the books, actually all the books I have looked at are 1 credit each.  So I get 2 books a month.  They have many sales and benefits.  At Christmas they gave us a free book.  It was A Christmas Story.  My favorite sale is when they have books for 4.95.  That is when I try new authors.  I like to purchase books that have many hours of listening and by authors I know always have a good book.  I want books that I will relisten to.  I have my favorites and have listened to them more then two times each.  If you have any questions let me know.
Have a Terrific day!


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