Audio Book Monday

Grave Secret
Charlaine Harris

This is a wonderful series by Charlaine Harris.  This series is about a girl who was struck by lightning when she was a teenager.  Since that time she can see the last few moments of a persons life.  If she steps near a dead body she gets vibs and can see what happened to the dead person in the last few moments.  She now earns money by being paid to go to people who want to find out about people who have died.  She has also many times helped the police, that is all free.  So with each book she has a new mystery.  Her step brother travels with her.  Grave Secret is about her past with a Mother and Step father who abuse drugs and alcohol, about her sister they have been looking for for many years, and her step brother who is not any blood relative.  I enjoy well written mysteries.  These are well written.  I would recommend you even going back and reading or listening to the first 3 books.  This is book 4.  If you want more information about the first 3 books I would be happy to email the titles to you.
3 Star (highest rating)


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