Create a Critter Cricut cartridge

My new cartridge is sooooooooo wonderful.  This is definately one to have.  Above I included a picture of the back of the box showing pictures.  It is so unfair of judging cartridges.  Although the pictures of these critters are so cute.  There is so many other cute cuts on this cartridge.  I recently have been telling someone that one of the better cartridges is the Paper doll Dress up.  It has so many cuts on it that are not shown on the back.  I would have never bought paper doll dress up because I wasn't interested in the paper dolls.  I tried telling this someone about all the great cuts that are not shown on the back , they said they would check into it.  You can't check into it by looking at the back of the box.  If you have not downloaded the trial version of the Cricut Design Studio to see you wont see them unless you know someone who has the cartridge and you can look through their book.  I purchased the cartridge after seeing sooooo many wonderful projects done with that cartridge never using the paper dolls.  I have used it many times myself.  I have been getting some key cartridges for my daughter who doesn't have many.  That is one I purchased for her.  By the way I often hear so much talk about the cartridges being so expensive and people can't afford to buy any.  So not true!  I understand living on a budget, I have to do that myself.  The best way is to never pay full price for a cartridge.  You can purchase from many stores when they have deals and sales.  I know some people they should support their home town and not buy from the internet.  I respect that, but what works best for me is this....   I have so many dollars I can spend on my hobby.  Of course I want them to go as far as I can, so I find the best deal I can, to make those dollars stretch.  For me I have found the best deals from websites online that sell cartridges.  There start price is lower than anything I can get in my home town.  Then they have sales.  The other place  best for me is ebay.  Great prices.  I have never spent full price for any cartridge.  I can't always get them as soon as they come out, but that is okay.  Okay with that being said.  I love the Create a Critter cartridge.  I have been cutting so many cuts and they all come out adorable.  Here is a couple of cards I have made....

Cute Cute Cute

I am including a few pictures of some pages to show you how there is other cute cuts on this cartridge.

The adorable dragonfly is one you wont see on the back of the box.  I am going to make another post to include the extra pictures, because I can't get them to post at the end of this.


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