Mr. Kitty is watching his Friends

Mr. Kitty has a little red squirl.  Boy does Mr. Kitty love spring and begining of summer.  He loves to pounce on the screen and watch his little friends run.  He feels like he has power when they run.  He looks to his humans to pat him on the head and tell him he is a good boy each time they run.

Check out those cheeks.  You can't stuff enough in.
Later in in summer Mr. Kitty's little friends get used to him pouncing on the screen and then they don't run no more.  Mr.  Kitty gets upset to the point when he finally doesn't pounce them anymore.  He will go to the screen and look out the backyard and act like he can't see any of his friends right under his nose.
He is so funny, you just got to love him.


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