Fluffy Little Sheep

Fluffy Little Sheep pattern by Lion brand.  You can find the pattern here.  This was the first time I have knit with roving.  It was great.  A chunky yarn, very soft, and somewhate weak.  When I went to purchase the yarn suggested, but I didn't purchase it.  They suggested Martha Stewart roving.  It was such a small skein, probably enough for one sheep.  It was like 5.49.  I thought that was a bit much, especially since you need 2 skeins.  I found Bernat Roving and it is a large skein.  I think you could probably get 3 or 4 sheep from the cream color, you don't need much of the face and leg colors.  The pattern turns out super cute!  I must say that in the area of the loops, if you look down through the loops you can see through to the stuffing.  You can really see that with all the loops, but definately not a toy to give to a child, unless you adjust that stitch.  I did learn a new way to do the loop stitch and I really like this one the best of all of them I have done. 
I think the roving would work really well as hair on a doll.  I found though it broke often when I was using it to sew the feet to the body.


  1. Hi Julie, I'm Hilary Wright's daughter. She turned me onto your blog. This little sheep is soooo adorable. Your projects are wonderful and I will be checking your blog regularly.
    Best, Jenn

  2. Thank you! I am happy you checked out my posts. You will have to give this little guy a try.


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