This is Jerry Danger Crafts Pattern
I really enjoy making this pattern.  I found this yarn from Dancing Dog Dye Works, she dyes yarn.  It is much darker than the one she pictures on her website, but that is okay.  It turned out very cute!  It is more on the purpley side.  The yarn is just fantastic to knit with.  I just love it and will purchase more.  I will also make more Danger Craft toys.  If you like this color version of yarn and are interested in it, it is called Raspberry Feilds.

I found these really cool buttons that have a white circle in them and they work so well for eyes.  I am going to have to purchase some more.  I took the last package at JoAnn fabrics in my home town.
Now below is the bottom of Jerry.  The pattern calls for stitching it up straight across and that works fine, with the tail and legs he sits pretty well.  Sometime ago I figured out stitching up a little differently and it makes all toys you want to sit, sit much better.  I did it will the Bunny nuggets I showed under the previous knitted items.  You start at one side and take your yarn and run it through say 4 sts on one side and 4 sts on the other.  What I mean is you do it as if you were going to gather these stitches.  So start 4 stitches away from the edge and run your needle through 4 stitches and then going around the end running through 4 stitches on the other side, then come back to the beginning of the first 4 stitches and run through that first stitch again.  Pull tight, but don't cut yarn.  So this means you have like you would if you were gathering a circle.  What it does is round the end and give it a little depth to help make your toys sit.  Now I go down the seam and do like you would for duplicate stitching down to within 4 stitches from the other end.  I work from right to left.  Then I do the same thing down at the end to round as I did with the beginning.  If you want more depth do more stitches, but then when done you will have to bring your needle up through the middle of the stitches on one side of the rounding and jump to the other side of rounding to close it.  When you do more stitches, it will leave a tiny hole and I close it up.  If people were interested in me doing a little video or picture tutorial on this method, I would be happy to do so.  Just let me know.


  1. I have sewn little sitting toys and filled them with white plastic beads, that adds some weight to the bottom and helps them sit nicely.

  2. I would love it if you did a video of how to do the bottom so that it sits better:)(((Hugs)))Darcy


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