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I don't know why, but there is a magical quality about the Jerry the Musical Monkey pattern.  You knit it because it is cute and you get it altogether and start seeing your yarn combinations in your stash.  You make another and have even more ideas.  One of the nice Ravelry knitting friends, decided to make the pattern smaller so she could use up some of her scraps.  I asked her for her notes.  She organized them and sent them to me and I knit my first mini Jerry, which is the pink one below.  I just loved it and could see all those scraps being made up into Jerry's.  That was a keeper for myself.  Then during the power outage here in MI, I decided to keep knitting and that sure did keep my fingers warm.  I decided to try the mini pattern in a fingering weight and here is my mini mini Jerry.  I am keeping this one to and my little girl monkey, just loves the lilac mini mini Jerry.  So another keeper for me.  This is just a super fun pattern.


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