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My Mr. Kitty is not a fat cat, but the way he laid on my chair he looks huge!  I just had to share.

Today is much cooler this week and I felt the urge to try out some of the recipes I have pinned on my Pinterest.  The first one is Marshmallow Carmel corn.  Here is a picture of mine and the picture on Pinterest is below that.

It makes a perfect size batch.  Everyone can have some and there is not a bunch left over.  It is very easy and quick.  Check out the recipe over on my board on Pinterest titled "Recipes I have tried and what I think of them".  I did use 15 marshmallows instead of 10 and when melting the marshmallows in the microwave I did 25 seconds and stirred and then did 25 seconds again and that seemed to be the magic amount of time for me.  Very good!  I might try adding a touch of vanilla.  It is worth your time and effort.

This is a healthier Banana Bread.

Another great recipe.  You use honey and applesauce instead of oil and sugar.  You also use whole wheat flour instead of white.  First off it baked evenly.  For some reason my ordinary banana bread seams to have to bake longer than an hour and then the outside is darker than I prefer.  This calls for an hour, but I did 50 minutes and it came out great.  It has a great flavor.  The wheat flour is a strong taste.  I think I would try like a half a cup to 1 cup of white flour instead of 2 cups of whole wheat.  Try it the way the recipe says and see how you like it.  It is very good.  Mine did not puff up as much as the picture that came with the recipe.  Picture from recipe below.
Here is the blog that has it on their page.  Or you can check out my Pinterest.


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