A new Purchase of the Cricut Expressions & Cricut Create

It sure has been a long time since I have posted. I started my blog and then was not sure what I wanted to share. I did go out and find some pretty backgrounds for my blog. I am happy with what I have found. I think I will also add a counter.

Since my last post I have made a big purchase. I purchased a Cricut Expression and Cricut Create. Are you wondering what these are or maybe you already know. For those of you who were like me and heard of them, but just had a general idea of what they are, I will tell you just a little more at this time. These are computerized machines that cut out shapes that can be used for so many things. Oh the possibilities are so endless. Most use for scrapbooking or card making, but many have discovered more.

Since this purchase I have found that the hobby of paper crafts crosses into my other hobbies, such as sewing, embroidery, crocheting, knitting, beading, and more. I have decided that I will share with you so many fun things I have learned and you can also follow me on my journey of learning and creating more!

My oldest daughter has begun work at Michael's in the spring and came home telling me all about the Cricut. She had to learn about products in the store so she would be able to help people when they had questions. This was my first eye opener to what the Cricut could do. I then got online and did some research. Okay I was hooked! I had been using the Original Big red die punch from Provo craft and all of it's dies. I had many of these. I hadn't used some and really didn't use the who machine that much. So it was deciding if it was worth spending the money to upgrade a hobby that really didn't get much time. A new Cricut Expression was selling for 399.99 and a small Cricut for 199.99. I know there are many who this is their main hobby and the cost is not the issue, but it was for me. I learned alot more from the Internet and my Daughter. I had decided I really would like to go for the Cricut Expression, but may have to settle for Cricut. Little did I know what was to come. Michael's was having a sale on the Cricut at the time for 179.99. So I thought would be the way to go. Well, once getting to Michael's they were sold out. So I went searching on ebay. I saw that they were starting both the Expressions and the Cricut at .99 cents. How crazy is this! Well, not crazy for those sellers at all. I watched several and saw that they were getting bid up very quickly and in the end, although going for less than what they did in the stores they did go up. So I spent the next week watching for the end prices and the times they came up. I chose how much I was willing to spend and started bidding. I bid on the ones I could be present for at the last seconds, hoping to not drive up the prices. The ones I couldn't be present for I put my maximum bid and walked away. It took awhile, but I ended up with my Cricut Expression and a Cricut Create. This was a new version of the little one coming out with more of the features the Expression had (not all of them) and was an upgrade from the Cricut. The Cricut works just fine and you wont even find a limitation. I had seen the Create new on there and bid on both machines and ended up with them. I did win them both for less than what I could have purchased one Cricut Expression at the store. Do you need both? No certainly not.

With all of this going on my youngest daughter was finding that this was the hobby she would have a passion for. Once the machines arrived she learned them so fast and spent the next 3 days constantly making things. Since then she has helped me learn and we have been creating together. She is on one machine while I am on the other. This is so wonderful! Worth every penny.

Below is the Cricut Expression. You don't need a computer to use it. Just plug it in and away you go. It takes two mat sizes 12 x 12 and 12 x 24. I have found most things you can do on the 12 x 12 . You put in a cartridge with shapes, letters and fun. You choose what you want it to cut out and load the paper and press cut.

Below is the Cricut Create. It takes a mat of 6 x 12 . It is a great machine.

I will be showing you things I have discovered about the machines and you can be there as I learn more. I will tell you about new products and give you my opinion of how they work. So stop back and join me for Joolie's Creations.



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