Glue/Adhesive Gun Review

Hello Everyone,

I am glad you could stop by. Today I want to talk about glue guns. Have you been thinking about purchasing one? I have some information to share with you that may help you in your decision. Many of paper crafters and scrapbookers have these type of gadgets to apply adhesive. They work very nicely, but run out of adhesive quickly. The refills come at different costs depending on the type you have and some just are not refillable. The refill for this one featured below is 3.99-4.99 depending on where I purchase it. The small size makes it very easy to use on many projects.

Now below is an ATG Gun 714. I became familiar with these when watching videos from my pink stamper. She has one and absolutely loves it. I did a search and found this to be true from many who work paper crafts. The adhesive is permanent and strong. The paper will rip before there was any chance that the glue would give. It is fun to see how many people have painted their ATG guns. I also did a search around my home town and no one carried them. So I searched the web. The cheapest place to purchase one was at, their cost is 41.69. Definitely not a cheap item. The refills you can find all over the place at different price ranges. Framing supply has them for 3.49 for a 36 yd roll of acid free tape. I am not sure what shipping costs are there. I found a eBay seller who sells them and good price 4.50 for a 60 yd roll of tape she uses on cards, because it is not acid free, but there is another that is on and off eBay that I purchased from and it was 3.00 something and I got a discount for purchasing more rolls, so I got a whole box. That should last me for a little while. So just look around. The gun is very good quality and it will last you forever.

Now there is another gun call the Glue Glider pro. I found this in an ad in a scrapbooking magazine and looked it up on the web. My best prices to purchase this gun was on and Oh My Crafts offers the gun alone 10.99 plus shipping (they are also always having discounts if you sign up for emails). A single refill cartridge is 7.99 each. Or there is like a starter package with the gun and 4 refill cartridges for 24.99 plus shipping. Ritz Camera has a special going on til the end of Sept. and their Pro Glider is 10.35 and shipping, unless you spend $100 dollars and it is then free. There refills are 6.99. So the gun is much cheaper then the ATG, but the cartridges are more expensive. I did find a seller on eBay that starts them at .99 cents, but shipping is 4.95, but you can combine shipping on auctions. That helps.
Let me tell you about this gun. If you look at the pictures below you will see it is so much smaller than the ATG. That feature makes it more attractive. It has cute colors to! Seriously, it works great. There is no button on the handle that you press when done gliding like on the ATG gun, but it is not a problem. If I had this review before purchasing both guns, I would have purchased the Glue Glider Pro, but I have recently found that the ATG tape has the same round plastic base as on the inside of one of the Pro Glider cartridges. I found it very interesting that the ATG tape with the same bas having 36 or my seller said 30 yards of tape and the Glue glider says it has 40 yards, the ATG tape is a larger roll. So I am going to play around with the idea of using some of the ATG rolls and then putting the roll on the inside of the Glider Pro cartridge. Thus giving me the cheaper tape with the Cheaper gun. I will keep you posted how it goes.

Overall, I don't regret any of my purchases. My ATG gun is great works very well, but I do find I use the Glue Glider Pro more often because of its size. The little dispenser I use occasionally, but could probably do without it with the Glue Glider pro. It is very easy to get the adhesive right where you want it. I do hope this will help someone if they are looking into one of these items for purchase.


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