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Over on they have swaps of all kinds. This one is called Color swap 5. You receive a name and you get some information like their Ravelry id and a few things and you go searching and find out what you can. On the swap page they have questionnaire's and you can read what they answered and this helps you determine what you will get and make them. I have someone from New York. She loves the fall colors and no pastels. Oh that is a challenge for me, because I love pastels and find myself drawn to them, especially pink. Well, this is good for me to see the world in the fall colors. Some of the guidelines are spend a minimum of 20.00 dollars, your shipping cost is on top of that. You must have 100gms of yarn, something store bought, something handmade. I love the handmade part! This below is what I made for her.
Above is one of my Tag Along Knitting bags done in this lovely print that has hints of sparkling gold. I know it doesn't show up in the picture very well. She wanted a boxed type knitting bag, but I hope she will like this as well. I don't make the box type. I have this type for myself and just absolutely love it.
Below is a note pad holder, this is something new I am going to be making and offering at Ebay and Etsy. She gets my first one. I love it and will have to have one for myself, but I need to decided on a print for me. One side has a pocket and the other side is where you slide in you little notepad. I think this will be great for my grocery shopping and the little pocket can hold my coupons.

I decided to make a small pouch for her knitting tools. I don't include them with my Tag Along bags at this point because people who have been buying my Tag Along bags use them for so many other things then knitting bags. If I added a pouch I would have to raise the price to cover the pouch.

In the top picture you can see I made gift bags to put everything in. I purchased her sock yarn because she wants to start knitting socks and a book for socks, a sock chart from and I made a box with some chocolates in it. I had to add a little paper crafting. There is more in the box. I want her to open the box and just be so pleased. I don't want her to feel like it was just okay or feeling like she got not as good as others.
I am keeping my fingers crossed.
Please someone post a comment. I would like to know that I have the settings for the posts okay. You know I am still new to blogging. If you have any trouble, please please please email me so I can fix it.


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