Audio Book Monday

What have I been listening to? Three books over the past week. I love to listen to Young Adult Books/Teenager books. Are you asking why? Well, there is so many great authors who love to write these books. They tell some really great stories. I get hints as to which ones I should check out by my kids and their friends. I listened to Magyk (Septimus Heap Book 1), then Flyte book 2 and last Physik Book 3. Okay I listened to the 3, but I do want to let you know there is more books in this series. It is about a magical family "the Heaps". There is 7 sons and an orphaned baby girl. It takes you on the trip of the kids growing up and taking such different paths. It interwinds magic, evil, ghosts, dragon, queens and more. It is one of those books that makes you want more of the story. In the first book the Heap's 7th son dies as a infant and while Dad is out getting herbs to help his infant he comes across a baby girl in the snow. He can't just leave her there, so he hides her under his cloak and knows he will have to explain to his wife because they already have seven children. As he is on his way home, little does he know what is going on at home with the death of his seventh son. The seventh son is suppose to be the most magical.
This book is written by Angie Sage. If you would like to listen to the story, you can pick it up at You could probably get it from other audio places, I just recommend audible because that is where I purchase my audio books.
If you would rather get the book in book form you could get it here.


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