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I have continued on with this series. Wow this really is a great series. This story keeps me wanting to listen to find out what will happen next. Although there is romance in this story, it is more like of an adventure. The author sticks to big historical events and how the characters live through them. It is so hard to explain without giving away the story. When I first read the description to the first book, it spoke of time travel and I just thought I don't want to have a book on time travel. Although Claire does travel back in time and does use the stones to go back to her current time, it is not all about time travel. She can't just use the stones to move through time at a whim. More of the story centers around their life together and what has happened to them when they were apart. This has been a very interesting, exciting, enjoyable listen. I will be continuing this listen. The audio books are expensive even on a membership. So I wait til I get each months credits, which saves me a lot. This means that after Voyager I will be listening to some other books I have not had a chance to listen to, because my credits don't come til the 23rd of each month. Check out audiable.com for information on different memberships. I am very satisfied with their service. I have downloaded from another online audio book source, but their prices are way more and they never have a sale on their downloads. Audible allows you to have a membership were you get credits. I am on the one where I get 2 credits a month and if is 22.95 or 24.95, something like that. With each credit I can get a book. So 2 books a month. On top of this, they have membership pricing which makes the books you don't buy with your credits at a discounted price. Then it seems each month they have other sales. I love their 4.95 sale. They will have a list of books and you can purchase any of them for 4.95. That is when I try a new author or just something different. I have found great new series and authors that I still enjoy today.


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