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Here is my current finished knitting project. The first is a boy blanket and the second was one I was using up yarns. I do believe I will donate to charity.

These are Modern Baby Blanket. This is a Pattern from Mason-Dixon Knitting knitting book. I have made a couple of these blankets, following the pattern in the book. Now I make my own size sections and use the techniques from original pattern. I love this simple blanket, that is done in garter stitch. It is fun to match your own colors, types of yarn and different borders. I do admit that I don't use the recommended edging, but an edging technique I have learned by watching Knit Picks tutorial videos for I-cord. My only tip on this edging is to knit loosely. The tutorial says to use a larger size needle, I found it makes it much harder to use the needle to pick up stitches. I use one size larger needle and knit the cord very very loosely. When you think it is way to loose, you will be surprised to find that it is just perfect.

My goal has been to keep 1 boy and 1 girl blanket in my closet. I love to make handmade gifts, but by the time I am invited to a Baby shower, I just don't have enough time to knit up a blanket. So awhile ago I decided I would need to keep some gifts made ahead. So I made up one boy and one girl. I have been able to pull one from the closet and gift with a couple of other items. I did find that I actually need to keep 3 in the closet. Can you guess why? For those occasions when we don't know what the baby will be. There is two babies coming in March, so I was short a boy blanket. Then thinking what if both are boys or both girls. Another reason to keep a blanket on the needles. It is a project you can leave and come back to anytime and not have a problem to figure out where you are. I have a girl blanket on my needles at this time. I used Caron Simply soft for both blankets. I really like this yarn because it is very washable and soft. The yarn seems to get softer and softer with each wash. There are many who don't like acrylic yarns and you could use any yarn for this pattern. I will post the girl one when I am done.



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