Audio Book Monday

Elphame's Choice
by P. C. Cast

This book is geared more toward young adults.  I tend to like a lot of those type books because there seems to be a nice balance in the romance and adventure.  Some adult books get away from a good story and have a lot more shocking things in the violence, gore, sex.  Hey, I am not saying that some occassionaly, but not to try to shock you.  I am into a book for a good story.  I did enjoy this book and recommend it to those who, like magic, romance, old castle era, knights, goddesses.  This is a good listen or read for those who want to go for a book instead of audio.

I don't get any kick backs from either website, but wanted to pass on that Amazon has a great shipping option.  You pay a one year fee and then everything you order is free shipping or you can choose overnight for 3.99.  It is something call prime saver or something like that.  I do order a lot of books.  My kids are all into books, I like knitting and my husband is into history and others.  The books are at a much cheaper rate than going to the local store.  I can sit home pick them out and in two days I have them at my door with free shipping.  I have saved because the yearly fee is less than what I paid in a year in shipping.  I ordered an exercise glidder from them, used the next day 3.99 shipping and it was here.  I didn't have to go to town, lift the thing in to my vehicle and then out again.  My original one wore out.  I am sure the amount of shipping on this alone would have been a good porting of the yearly fee.  So it is worth considering or team up with someone and have one account you use and share the fee amount.  I think it was something like 75.00-79.00 a year.

I wanted share a website with you that is pretty neat.  It is where you can watch one-minute videos to understand books.  They add new ones to.  It is
Check it out for fun.


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