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I decided to try something new just for fun and we shall see how it goes.  I have 5 creative challengers (Mattie, Mindy, Linny, Kerri and Me), to receive the same contents and directions for making a Thanksgiving card.  Because everyone has different ideas, creative levels, crafting passions, you know all 5 cards will be different.  So let me explain how this is going to work.  Everyone has received their package with a few items.

Here are the Guidelines ...

In above picture is a green card and envelope.  They must use the card and envelope.  I accidently purchased a flat card, instead of a folded card.  I then thought, okay more of a challenage, so lets go with it.  Along the right hand side of the picture is a small selection of papers.  They must use at least one.  They can use more, but must use at least one.

There are two different themed punches.  I cut this turkey with my Cricut Expressions.  Using the Animal Kingdom Cartridge, I selected the turkey.  The dark brown is the shadow feature and then the rest of the parts, that can be put together to create a cute gobbler.  Now the feathers are from Cricut Cartridge, Paper Doll Dress up.  I used the Indian head dress and then just took the feathers.  I cut the turkey and all other parts,including the feathers at 3".
Below is a pumpkin cut from Disney Cricut Cartridge Happily Ever After.  It goes with the Cinderella items.  I love that pumpkin with the little swirly green leaf and vine.  Not everyone in the challenge has a Cricut so I did all the cut outs for everyone.  Always love using my Cricut!
Now they must incorporate at least one or the other cut outs (turkey or pumpkin). Now if they choose the turkey, they don't have to use the shadow feature cut out of  the turkey or even the feathers, if they don't want to.  They don't have to use the vine on the pumpkin, but they must use either the pumpkin or the turkey in the card.

For fun I purchased the stick on crystals and they have to use one of the crystals.  All the extra items they get to keep.  Now I wanted this to be simple as to allow each persons creativity to come through.  They may add whatever else they want to this.  They can add more papers, rubber stamp, draw, markers, glitter, stickers, or what ever they want.  But they must have the original card-one of the papers-one of the cut outs-one crystal.   When everyone is done I am going to post a picture of each card , here on my blog.  I am hoping this will inspire everyone to make there own Thanksgiving card.  Maybe it will give you your own ideas.  Or insipire you to use your cricut cartridges in different ways.  Just have fun and make a Card.

**I already have the card from Challenger Mattie and it is great!  Mine is half way done, but it just needs something more and I haven't decided what that something more is.  I am sure they will all be posted soon.  Then those 5 Challengers are welcome to join in another group challenge.  I am thinking Christmas card.  Since I am providing all the items I have to keep the number of people down, but if this works out I will be willing to make an extra packet or two for someone online to join.  Let's see how it goes.  So subscribe to my blog or keep checking back, so you know how it goes and maybe you will want to give it a try.**
Have a Wonderful Day!


  1. Wow Julie, your items are beautiful. I made a crocheted purse like your orange one, with the green leaves a few years ago. I will have to post it on my blog.


  2. Julie!!!..never knew you had a reading it!


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