Ebay and Etsy Update Friday

Hello Everyone!
I have been working on more pouches and bags.  I have some big piles for me to quilt and then sew together.  I decided to share some pictures with you.

This is at my quilting machine.  I have an adorable dog one and then some kitty cats.  I like to cut a bunch of pouches out at once and then, cut batting and lining.  From there it goes to the quilting machine.  I pair up the pouches that have the same color thread on bottom and then do the color change on top.

Here is the first pile next to my quilting machine.

Let's take a peek at a few of the prints in the pile.  I love that snowman print and may have to keep me a pouche in that, because I cut it all up for pouches.  If after cutting and quilting, I get ideas for more bags with it.  I will have to see if I can get more of that one.

This rose one looks like painted roses.  I had this one before, but it has been a long time.

I have done this butterfly one before in a different color combination.  I may have even done a few in this color combination.

I have 2 more requests for Laurel Burch items. Her prints are very popular.

I love the color combination of this one.  Another one that I have cut up everything of this and after the pouches I have cut out are sold that will be it.  I can no longer get this one.

I have hesitated to cut up all of this fabric, because I love this one so much.  Hey have you noticed how many times I have said that.  I try to pick out alot of what I like and I do have things that people have requested that is pretty, but not for me.  We all have different tastes.

Okay prepare yourselves....

Yes, this is the top of my cutting table.  Shocking to be such a mess.  You can't even see the top!  I was in the middle of finishing up some pouches and pulled a bunch of stuff out.  Yes, I must put it all away before getting going with the next batch.  Down in the lower left you can see another pile of pouches.
Well, I think I need to go exercise and shower so I can get to some of those piles.  So check out my Ebay and Etsy for pouches, I plan to list some each day.


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