Ebay and Etsy Update Friday

I am still working on that big pile of pouches I have featured in a post a couple of weeks ago.  I have had some requests for more Laurel Burch prints.  I have some and will be having more items with them.

I wanted to take one moment to explain a couple of things.  Some people think I can whip out a bag the minute they ask for it and have it up on auction the next day, or think I buy wholesale and mark up and sell my items, Or it has been thought that I pay people to do my work. 
These are all false. 

I am very lucky to have such a wonderful place to sew.  A few years ago we remodeled our basement and finished it.  A large portion was transformed in to a comfortable setting for me to create my handmade items in.  I was going to show you pictures, but my room is in such a mess, I cringed at the pictures and just couldn't bring myself to post them.  I am a one person show.  My goal in the begining was to make unique bags and pouches.  I wanted each one to be high quality.  I want each item to arrive to the person who purchased it, in a way that they would be completely happy with that purchase.  I could make my items faster if I didn't care about all the minor details, but I do care and want my items to stand above others.  I want to head toward my original goal and get back to making some unique items.  No one makes my bags for me.  I do all the work myself.  I occassionally have a different item I have made posted.  I like dolls and knitting so sometimes it is doll clothes, sometimes it is a quilted calendar cover with calendar, or a journal with a quilted cover.  Somethings do better than others and that has taken me down the road of making things more then once.  I really would rather stick to unique and hope to someday get back to that.  So please check back often and don't miss what I may put up next.
I am going to work hard to finish up the pile of pouches and get onto some credit card holders and another unique bag set for Christmas.


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