Christmas Time Lessons

Christmas Time Lessons

Even though we all know the true meaning of Christmas for each of us.  It can't be helped to experience some of the other wonderful things that also come with Christmas like...
*All the wrapping
*remembering to buy wrapping paper and tape
*Remembering that you have a meal to prepare on Christmas or maybe a dish to pass
*Making sure you didn't forget anyone on your Christmas list
*Having enough gas in your car to go to relatives houses
*Not to be afraid to ask for help
*Having an outfit for the day or Clean clothes for everyone in the family

There is many more, but this is where the stress comes in.  Usually there is one person that most of the following items fall to, like the shopping, organizing, wrapping, food preparation, Clean up, decoration (you get the idea).  So if we are not that person, maybe we could step in and help them out so they can enjoy the true meaning of Christmas with a smile on their face.

This year since all of my Children now know about Santa, they helped.  Each one wrapped another ones gifts and put on the tag to: that person, from Santa.  That cut down on my wrapping soooooooo much and they enjoyed it.  They also learned about wrapping dificult presents.

I want to mention one more thing.  I am thrilled that when I had to tell each child about Santa.  They would come to a point when they asked me about Santa and it was clear that they truly were ready to know, I had promised myself I would handle it differently, they way I would have wanted to be told.  They said is there a Santa?  I said yes and no.  I said your presents do come from Mom and Dad, but I really believe that there is a kinda magic at Christmas time that is just not there during the rest of the time of year.  I told them to watch people be aware of what is going on.  I said people are kinder at this time (yes, there is still scrouges), they are happier, more generous, use their manners,  just different.  I said where would that come from?  I then said I think there is a sort of magic.  I am going to cut my little talk with them a little shorter then I did with them, but each would come back to me with stories of things they noticed and I would say see there is something there.  I also said we can't be sure of what really happened in history, but there usually is some truth to things and I think there was something like Santa at one time, maybe not giving to all the boys and girls in one night, but each person has to find what they believe in now. 

I said Elvis's song that says "Why can't every day be like Christmas?", I wonder that myself. 
People have become so much more inconsiderate of others.  The biggest one I have noticed is people just don't say "Excuse me" when they want to get around you in the stores.  Such a small thing, but it starts with the small things.  Not everyone, but it seems it has went from the occassional person to the it is occassional to have the one with the manners.  That is sad.  I have told my kids this could be a chance to pass it on.  I said lets all use our manners even more than we do now.  When that rude person comes by and does noise to get you to move, we turn around and say "oh excuss me", "I am sorry", Pardon me", something that fits and in the nicest way with a smile.  Just maybe they will turn around and be nice to someone else.  I am proud to say my kids do use their manners and have been complimented on it.  That is what makes me think, if it is noticed then maybe being nice to someone not, just may make a difference.

I really hope that everyone has a wonderful, joyful, safe Holiday Season, no matter how you celebrate.


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