Ebay and Etsy Update Friday

Last week I put up a Mini Izzy Pouch for my first give away on my blog.  You still have today to sign up and have a chance to win.  I will announce the winner tomorrow (Saturday 12-12-09).  If you still want to sign up, scroll down to the post with the Mini Izzy Give away and leave a comment and a way for me to contact you.  I will have another give away start very soon, so subscribe to my blog so you can keep posted. 

This is one of the busiest times on ebay.  My Etsy has never been as busy as Ebay.   I never seem to be able to get done as much as I would like.  I have a few credit card holders I have been working on and hope to have them up soon.  There is still time for Christmas purchases.  Or if you are done maybe do a little shopping for yourself.  My biggest seller is my Mini Izzy Pouches.  I haven't gotten to that many totes this year, because the pouches have seem to keep me very busy.  I like to take a break and make other things to.  So look for some quilted credit card holders.  I do have a couple listed in my store right now.  They make a wonderful little gift.

If you have kept track of my ebay, you know I like dolls and I have sold a lot of dolls this Christmas season.  I used to do Foster Care and it was hard on my Heart and yet rewarding to help and give children a nice place to stay while things were being sorted out, this has encouraged me to start my Joolie's Orphanage for dolls.  One of my favorite dolls is the Bitty Baby and Bitty Twin by American Girl.  My daughter has these dolls and I purchased them for myself, at first just to have the doll to make clothes for.  Then I fell in love with the doll.  I have made clothes and sold them on ebay from time to time and they do okay.  The best thing is I enjoyed making the clothes.  I picked up a few of the dolls on ebay and around my home town and went to work to make them desirable again.  Some have gone to the American Girl hospital for a new head or new body.  I don't want to replace everything because I could just buy a new doll if I wanted that.  I want them unique and special.  I want to make a doll in good condition, name them, make clothes for them and then they will be ready for a new home.  I did one and it went over nicely.  I am going to have more.  I have one actually I am working on and it wont be done in time for Christmas.  I really enjoy it.  So that is something I will have in the future.  Here is a pictue of the one I just sold in her hospital gown.  Isn't she so adorable?

She had gotten a new head, but still had some dark stains on her hands I couldn't get off.  She would make a great doll for any child feeling like they aren't perfect or in foster care.  She would also make a great doll just for any kid to love and have understanding that everyone isn't perfect and that is okay.  I also think it would make a great toy for someone to have for kids coming to their house to play with.  Her name is Holly Ann.  She did find a nice home.  I have several in my home for kids to play with.  I just don't have any kids to play with them right now.

~Don't forget about the give away~


  1. Hi Julie,
    I just have to tell you that I enjoy reading your blog and I love the pictures you post also. The snow pics were great as I now live in North Carolina, coming here from NY 3 years ago I do miss the snow. I know silly me! ;) I also enjoy your pics of your kitty, we own 5 kitty's here in our home. I do have a bunch of your pouches and have given them away as gifts also. I wanted to tell you that you are a very special person... <3 Merry Christmas to you and your family~!

  2. You are so kind. I am glad you like the snow pictures. The first few snows are some of the prettiest snows. I know that sound silly, but I think you probably understand after living with it.
    You have 5 kitties, how wonderful. You have a great Christmas. Stay safe and enjoy your family and friends.


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