Ebay and Etsy Update Friday

Updates for Ebay and Etsy
Yesterday I finished up a few credit/gift card holders and 4 sold right away.  These are great to have around and give a gift card in.  Then they can use them for credit card holders or even business card holders.  So it isn't like some of the gift card holders that once you take out the gift card you have a tin or box or something left that you can't really use, but to put another gift card in and pass it on.  These you can use yourself.

Here is one that is in my store.  I have machine quilted the outside.  I use a very light batting.  Then on the inside (below), there is a pocket on both ends and you can carry your cards in.  It seems everything is in card form anymore.  I love them!  I carry them and like to change them for the holidays and just to change them.  I will start making them and try to have a few available at all times.  I am trying to finish up a few gifts I have to give.  I will post some of them when I get them done, maybe give you ideas for gifts throughout the year.

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I will be drawing tomorrow morning


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