Audio Book Monday a Day Late

OOps.  I forgot about Audio Book Monday.  Sorry.  I have been listening to The rest of the Lily Bard Mysteries that I found on There was 5 books.  I had already listened to the first two books.  For Christmas one of my daughters got me a gift certificate for, so I purchased the other 3 I found.  The five books are....
Shakespeare's Landlord
Shakespeare's Champion
Shakespeare's Christmas
Shakespeare's Trollop
Shakespear's Counselor
These are mysteries with some romance.  Lily is a young girl that had a very bad past, she moves to Shakespeare to start a new life.  She cleans homes and does a few odd jobs to make ends meet.  She has a goal to learn to pertect herself.  Through her life in this small town she finds herself helping solve murders.  She also finds someone she falls in love with.  Will he be able to accept her and her past?  I judge the books on if I can get into them, if I don't want to leave the book and how much I want to get back to listen to more.
I give this one
Five Star Rating
I couldn't remember if I was using a 3 or 5 star rating system and I see I had been using 3 I am going to change to the 5 star for this year.  That gives me a little more room for rating.


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