Favorite Color Swap at Ravelry

Yesterday in the mail I recieved my box of pink items from my swap partner on Ravelry for the Favorite Color Swap.  This is just a wonderful box filled with all kinds of stuff I really like.
It is great fun opening a box from a swap, when you can see that the person took the time to really do it right.  I am sorry to say that people do join the swaps to receive and what they send to their partner is items that well, lets say show that they just threw the items in the box with no care or thought to the person it is going to.  This is so not the case.
This book is filled with cute cute animals to knit.  I love knitting smaller projects and toys, this book is just perfect.  My favorite color is pink and there is a pink pig on the front.  She also knows I sew and sent me some pretty pink fat quarters, which will definetly be used.  The key ring that says "Julie" is in pink and sparkle.  It is terrific.
Okay the little box in the upper left hand corner with pink and white polka dots is a card holder.  I went and put my business cards inside right away.  It is perfect.  I was looking at some this last week at Rue 21, but none were pink.  They apealed to me because of  the case to hold business cards and I thought I could even put a couple of USB sticks in it.  Now I know why there were non that was pink and captured me enough to purchase.  The nail care kit has like a corc type print and pink.  That replaced the plain nail clippers in my nail kit ASAP.  The cute little sewing kit is going right into my car glove compartment.  I soooooooo love the yarn.  Not only is it a lovely color, but it is so soft.  I will be knitting with that right away.  I do have to finish the current project, but it will be worked with very soon.
Pink cotton candy.  Yum!  The dove bars were out of this world.  Wait did I just say I have already eaten both bars?  Yep.  I love dove milk chocolate.  It is so smooth and yummy.  I took the pink box down to my sewing studio, because there is always items I can put inside.  There is also this little tin of wintergreen mints.  The tin has pink on it.  My daughter said she would like a mint.  I did share, but I guess the tin did not arrive back in time for pictures.
I do not know if she made this or bought it.  I am leaning towards her making it.  It is so lovely.  Like a take out box, made into a purse.  I love the silky pink print and the whole idea.  I thought it will be so nice to carry with me on special occassions and really dress up an outfit.  It has a magnetic snap closure and is just terrific.  I love it!
I am so lucky to have gotten this sweet lady for a swap partner.  She is "lyndasav" over on Ravelry.  If you have not checked the website out, you need to go over and do so.  It is for Knitters and crocheters.  It is a huge source of everything from discussions, swaps, groups, patterns, pattern reviews, news, and way so much more.  I am JoolieKnits on Ravelry.


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