Mr. Kitty and the New Couch

Recently I purchased some new furnature.  We had our old furnature for 20+ years.  It was time for a change.  My Kitty liked the old couch, because he had it all broke in.  He could lay on the top of the back and watch out the front window for us to come home.  He sleeps up there when we are all gone and waits for us.  He liked to get wild in the mornings and use his back claws and push himself along the lower front edge.  He slept on it if there was a blankie for him.  When the new furnature came he went to the corner of the new couch, that is where he always started to lay down and pull himself along the front edge, well he sat.  He looked at the couch and he sat some more.  You could just tell he was trying to decide.  He walked away.  That night when all his humans were sitting on the new furnature he was looking for a human to have a blankie on their lap and then spread their legs and he would jump up and sleep between their legs.  No one had a blankie.  He looked at us saying, "hey what's up with all of you".   Well, he jumped up and layed down.  With in minutes he sprawled, this is so unlike him.  He usually curls up in a ball.  The only time for great comfort and sprawling is on a soft blankie.  Now how he knows if the blankie is soft I have no idea.  After all, with all the hair.  This new couch is very soft and fluffy.  He has made a decision....
He decided he likes this couch.  As a couple of days go by he changes his mind and decides he loves this couch.  He has taken to sleeping on it over night.  He use to crawl into bed with one of his humans and sometimes share the night with more than one. 
He parks himself at night when everyone is watching tv and doesn't rise til the next morning.  Then when I put out his treats, which he usually comes running for, he didn't get up.  He slowly stretches and gets up.  He spent sometime greeting his humans collecting scraps from lunch makers and then by 11 am went back to the couch til 4pm.  This is so ridiculous!


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