Another Give Away

This is a new size pouch.  It is sized right between my Mini Aggy pouch and my Aggy pouch.  Intstead of creating a middle aggy, lets just go for a whole different name.  The measurements of this one is 7.75" wide x 4" Heigh x Gusset 1.25".  The one I am showing above in the picture is the one I will be giving away in this give away.  I would like you to leave a comment on this post with a suggestion of a name.  Remember it can't be to long because it will go in my auction line on ebay and etsy.  I was asked why do I name my pouches?  Simply to know which size a person is talking about and then I give a name to the fabric to know what fabric or print.  It makes it much easier when trying to communicate through email.
Instead of picking a person with the name I like, I am going to use the random picker website to pick a number and that comment will win the above pouch.  I will need you to leave your email so I can contact you.  I enjoy the give aways so we will have more.  Sign up fo my blog if you are not now so you can be aware when I do have another.  I will also be giving away one for those who leave a suggestion over on facebook, my group there is JoolieSews.  So you can have 2 chances to win.  I will give you til Monday June 14th to leave a comment on either place. 
Below is a picture of my mini aggy in front of this pouch so you can see the difference in size.  My aggy pouch is about that same difference larger than this new pouch.



  1. the name I am submitting..cute bag!!

  2. the name I am your bags!

  3. Ok, I had a few ideas:
    Your bags are very cute!
    anthyjune AT gmail D0T com


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