Pulled out my Knitting Machine

I pulled out my LK 150 knitting machine to make a couple of baby blankets for charity.  It makes the middle section go much faster and I can have fun hand knitting a border.  I only added a garter stitch border all the way around, but it goes quick.  I personally like quick projects most, like dish cloths, socks, mittens, toys, doll clothes.  This turned out great and I am going to do a girl one and play a little with the different stitches I can make on my machine.  It will help me learn more about it and make my project go faster.  I will have 4 blankets for charity.  2 hand knit, that took about a month each.  I will have 2 machine knit main section, which took about 1 hour to 1 hr and 15 min, then I added a border that probably took me another 3 hours.  I used baby yarn so I had small stitches.
I know there is many who believe you are truly not knitting if you use a machine or a loom.  I say how silly is that?  You get the same end result only there is different ways to go about it.  It is kinda like anything anymore.  You can say you are really not doing the laundry if you use a washing machine instead of a wash board and your hands.  You are not really cooking if you use a stove or microwave instead of a fire.  I know everyone can choose to do what they want and that is great there are many ways to do things, because we are all different.  I love trying new things and the knitting machine is fun and can make those big projects go faster and that means more time for me to make my small projects.  That is great for me!

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  1. Love these blankets, and your blog! I just recently acquired an LK-150. Did you have a book or anything that showed you how to attach the borders? I am a knitter, but brand new to machine knitting so a book would be very helpful. Thanks!


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