My scarf knitting Challenge

This scarf turned out very beautiful.  It was a little challenge and I will explain.  I went to a store and saw this display of this yarn that is more like a ribbon, but very beautiful.  There was a scarf and I loved all the ruffles.  They were giving you the pattern if you bought the yarn.

So I bought 2 colors.  It is Tinseltown for 11.99 a hank.  It only requires one hank.  The also had another brand of this type of yarn.  It was not as wide and I did see the scarf for that and it had littler ruffles.  It was very pretty also, but I just liked this one better.   Okay the pattern, what a laugh.  It is really not much of a pattern.  Here I will share with you...

US needles size 8
Cast on 8 sts (by putting you needle through every other hole on the top of the yarn).  knit in garter stitch.  When ball is finished cast off.  Then it says look for step by step instructions. 

Isn't that a major freebie!
The step by step instructions was pictures of them inserting their needle through the front of every other hole at the top of the yarn.  Then when you insert your needle to knit it you put one of those every other holes on the tip of your needle and knit it.
So at this point you are saying, "okay Julie, what was the big challenge?"
Okay I tried the size 8 needles and they left sloppy stitches.  I asked the lady at the store about this and she said , "Oh, the person knitting the scarf said she used size US 15".  I am not sure why that was not included in the pattern.  I tried them and they were a little tight going through the holes.  So I tried a US 13 and ahhhhhhh, just right.  Okay, next go slowly because if you drop a stitch it is so hard to find amongst all the ruffles.  You can guess how I found that out. Yep, dropped a stitch, the unraveling goes so quickly to.  I ended up tearing out again.  This was the 4th time.  I was not going to let this yarn get the best of me.  I took a break and back I came, strong.  Okay this time everything is going terrific and each row I am admiring the beautiful ruffles.  Showing them off to my family to the point of them saying "okay Mom you have shown me like 10 times".  I am sitting in my chair admiring the beauty and the feel of the scarf, imagining how this would dress up any coat.  Oh and a red one would be great for the holidays or even at valentines.  Then it occurred to me, if I keep knitting, as the scarf goes around my neck a disaster is going to occur.  the ruffles will be going the other way!!!!!  I quickly put the small section around my neck and 0h no, it just is awful to have the one side the other way.  Of course I had to share this with my 3 daughters, who don't really care.  Oh they love the scarf, but they just want me to get it done and give them one, perfectly made.  Yes, the first thought was I can put these stitches on a holder and then knit another section and then put them together.  That would create a section of weird stitches.  I put this project down and knitted a dish cloth to ponder it.  I decided I would do that, the problems was I didn't know where half way in the yarn was and you really need to use all the yarn to get a scarf long enough.  I guessed on this one.  In the future or if you try one.  Weigh you skein and then knit til you have half that weight.  Simple ting to do.  So onward.  When it came time to connect them I just knit both live stitches together and casted off.  I fussed with the stitches some and pulled ruffles out to make the join less noticeable.  It looks just fine.  In doing it again.  I thing I would actually try casting them off on each side and then joining them with a thinner yarn or thread.  I did also take a needle and thread and tidy up the ends of the yarn.  That was just me not being able to leave them, although probably no one would know.
So will I do another, yes I will.  I have figured things out and it will be a little easier this time.  Take my info and give it a try, it is sooooooooo pretty when done.


  1. Good to know! I just ordered several different colors and kinds for Ben Franklin's here in Marquette. The rep told me there is a you tube video on how to do this. I'm going to have to do a sample up right away and make sure the girls in the shop know about this. Would it be possible to make a center pull ball and knit from each end till you get close enough to being out of yarn to join them? You might need an extra set of needles.... :)

  2. Marcia,
    I love that Ben Franklin's. It is just soooo wonderful. Everytime I am in Marquette, that is a must stop. I didn't know they let you order, that makes the store even better.
    You are such a clever lady to think of knitting from both ends. I do believe you could wind the ball for a center pull. I didn't need an extra set of needles because it is only 8 stitches. I had a 10" straight pair and just left the 8 stitches on the needles, slid them towards the cap end and cut the yarn and casted on the next 8 stitches and it worked great. I figured I could see when they were the same length. You also reminded me of one other little hint. on the end of each row when I finished knitting the 7th stitch, I didn't skip a hole for the 8th stitch. I found when I was knitting the first few times that the edges kinda drooped so I just knit the last stitch on each row without skipping a hole. It worked great.


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