Sharing Happiness with the Bunny movement

I receive emails on updates about this website that does these tiny knitted toys.  It is called Mochimochi Land.  I read about this movement where people are knitting these tiny bunnies and leaving them places with tags for people to take them home with them.  A way of sharing happiness and probably giving out smiles to.  This is a really quick knit and you can use up your scraps.  Each one seems individual, even though you use the same pattern.  I changed the pattern a little on the end with the face, just because I wanted to.  I also did the face features with a tiny bit of embroidery floss.  Here is the free Pattern for you to knit your own.  Here is a link to the post on Mochimochi about the movement.  That is on their blog.  They also have a book that has a bunch of tiny knits, Here you can see it
There is a ravelry group called tiny Bunny Movement.  There is over 300 members as of today.  I have the ones above all done and am going to include a tag or note asking if people would come to my blog and post that they received one of my Bunnies or other knit toy, that is looking for a new home.  I think it will be great fun.  I hope those who receive them enjoy them!
**Anyone looking up this post because they have found one of my little gifts, please leave a comment****


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