Leatherman Factory Tour

I just had to take these couple of pictures from the Leatherman facebook page.  Starting from the left is me, Dan (in yellow shirt), Bobby next to me, Mat, Tim Leatherman, Joe behind him, Bruce upfront, Billy in the cowboy hat and Hilary.  If you visit there facebook there is many other pictures of everyone.  The group above is everyone from the multitool.org website.  I had time to talk with Dan and Bruce on the tour and they are great guys.  Everyone all together really made the tour a fun experience.  Who would have thought I would have enjoyed it as I did.  I think meeting everyone was the best.  I have faces to go with names now.
Below is two other Amazing people we got to spend sometime with.  My husband told me I would like these two and he was right.  They are Hilary and Joe.  We were lucky enough to get time to chat, but you know it just seems like there was not enough time with anyone.  We were not allowed to have cameras on the tour and I didn't bring mine.  I should have so I could have gotten pictures after, but I will just have to steal some of my husbands.



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