Oregon trip

We recently had a wonderful trip to Oregon.  We met some new friends, that came all the way from Australia.

On one day we went to some waterfalls that were amazing.  We did a lot of walking that day. 

This is a banana slug and they were everywhere.  They are huge.

We also went to a fish hatchery for Salmon, trout and sturgeon.

Then onto Mt. Hood.  This is the hotel where the Shinning was filmed.  They used outside views for the movie.  I also heard from two boys in our group that Dumber and Dumber was also filmed here.  It is a beautiful hotel is called Timberline Lodge.  Right behind it is a beautiful view of Mt. Hood.  Our Australian friends got a chance to enjoy snow for the first time.

Yes, as anyone would expect, Boys will be boys.  They had themselves some fun with a snowball fight.  With my husband having way to much experience with snow, explained to them the different types of snow and this snow was the end of the season snow with lots of water and little pellets of ice.  So this type hurts more if you are hit.  The girls were smarter and discovered other things at the lodge and mountain.  The scenery was beautiful.

Thanks to Jodie we even found a geocache up there! 
We had so much fun.  We packed a lot into one day.  There was much more that went on in this day, just to much to list all here.  We did also have one other new friend join us for the day, her name was Jill.  Everyone needs to have a Jill join them on any adventure.  Sometimes gets a little demanding on telling you where to go, though!!!
The next day we enjoyed a tour of the Leatherman factory and they posted pictures of our visit on their facebook page.  We even got to meet Tim Leatherman, what a treat that was.


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