Swap with Danger Craft

On the Ravelry group Danger Crafts, they planned a swap soon.  Then it was voted to wait to start in May.  This was announced in March.  Do you believe they wanted to wait so long?  Well, I guess many had a lot on their plates.  I mentioned that I didn't know how I was going to wait so long.  So did another lady, so we got together and decided to do a swap amongst ourselves.  We kept the same rules as usual swaps.  How fun this was.  I just chose to go with the theme of blue, because that is her favorite color.  I decided she needed a couple of mini Jerry's.  I knit them as twins, then I decided they needed another friend, a bigger friend.  So on the list of monsters my partner liked was one I have not knit yet and that was a Geet.  I used sparkle blue yarn.  He turned out simply adorable.

Here is the package I was sent.  I really love my pink Frances.  I don't know why, but in my swaps people don't send me pink.  I might get an item or two pink or wrapped in pink.  I only do the swap with Danger Craft, at this point and thought I would get some pink pals.  I have got orange, white with tiny pinkish red flecks and red.  Now don't get me wrong, I do love all my monsters given to me.  How do I say this......Can you understand how it is to like something even more because it is in your favorite color?  That is how I feel.  Now she has went out of her way to make this package special and I sooooooooo love it.  The little doll is just adorable with buttons.  Pink yarn and ribbon, fun buttons and charms, yummy candy in my favorite kind and adorable pink peeps.  The wonderful smelling candles and the homemade soap.  I just feel very special.  How thoughtful this was.  What a great swap partner.


  1. Yay! I'm happy that you got such a good swap partner mom, not all of them seem to be, unfortunately. Very cute stuff.

  2. So glad you liked your package! And I love my blue Jerry twins as well as my blue Geet! Thank you so much!!! And you have such an awesome blog too! So cute! You are so talented...love your cards too!


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