I am behind on Everything.....

I used another card from my pintrest board for inspiration and came up with these two cards.  I really like how they came out.  Simplicity, but elegant.  I look at them and feel I have a chance of becoming a good card creator. 

I have been sorting through all my drawers, closets, shelves in my "Stitch Shack" (Craft room).  I am still organizing and slimming down my goodies.  I have things tore up a little because of something that needs to replaced with our pumps pressure gauge, so I just can't get everything put back and organized.

Messy !!!!!

Okay sorry for the delay on the drawing for the pouch giveaway announcement.
The winner is....
Judi A
The number was 3


  1. I have a problem with you feeling like you "have a chance of becoming a good card creator." You already ARE an excellent card creator! I haven't seen one of your creations that I didn't like and envy just a little the ability to make them.

    I loved looking around your "messy" space and seeing all the storage capacity you have. You can't help the current state that it's in with having to empty that wonderful wall of shelves so the workmen could get at whatever it is they needed to get at. Sometimes the floor is the only option. I can see, though, that you are an organized person. I loved seeing all the dolls in a row and some of your other creations sitting around. You have a great "Stitch Shack." Love the name. :-)

    I am not ususally a lucky person, so am thrilled to be the winner of your giveaway and one of your great pouches! Thank you.

    Judi A. or Zowmom if you didn't know. :-)

  2. I knew, but I didn't email you because I was seeing if you would notice that you won? I will have your pouch in the mail to you this week.


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