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I decided that I will use my blog to keep me going on my projects.  I am going to try to post updates each week for my knitting, sewing, card making and sometimes some other things.
Above is a blue set that I knit for the charity monthly group in the Itty Bitty Knits group on Ravelry.  This month it was a charity needing baby items.  The blue set is a basic hat and a pair of baby socks.  The pattern is free and you can find it here.  I knit in the smallest size and with baby yarn and it made a perfect newborn size.
Below is a pair of Mary Jane's.  These are knit flat with baby yarn and also makes a perfect newborn size.  You can find this pattern here.  It is also a freebie.

To go with the Mary Jane's I made the above bonnet.  I just love this pattern.  It is an easy knit.  It is knit flat and surely goes quick.  You can find the pattern here

Below is another freebie pattern that I used.  This pair of socks is for a lady who is doing Operation Shower.  It is a big baby shower for all the ladies who are in the service or their husbands are in the service and they have had a baby or are going to have a baby.  I think that is how it goes.  At any rate she is in the Itty Bitty Knitters group and she volunteered to supply the booties or socks.  They decided to do ones in red white or blue or combinations of them.  This is my donation, which is knit from some worsted weight yarn that I have Kool-aid dyed red.  I tried out a pattern Jelly Bean Baby Socks and can be found here .  The smallest size does work out to be larger than a newborn, they are very similar to the socks I knit above for the charity.

I love doing the charity knitting once a month.  Even if I were to do only one item.  I especially like it because I can try out new patterns each time and find ones I like and ones I wouldn't ever do again.  I will let you know if I come across one like that so you don't waste your time on it.  All the ones above I would use them again.
I have been also working on a test knit for a designer and will talk more about that when it comes out.  I have been trying to fit in some doll knitting also.  I will report on that next time.
That is my knitting update.

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  1. Lovely baby things. Here's a link to another free pattern for baby booties that is very cute, too:


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