Making knitting tags with my Cricut

This is a combo post.  Meaning that I am using my cricut expression to make some tags to put on my knitting projects.  The previous post that I mentioned my charity knitting, I didn't mention how they really like to have tags.  This gives me the chance to put washing directions and that I was the creator.  So lets get started.
This is my pink cricut expression.  There are several machines in the cricut line.  They have a new Cricut Expression 2 that has way more features than my Expression.  I really like my machine.  This machine can work on it's own without a computer.  It uses cartridges.  Although cartridges can be very expensive and you can save some money by purchasing them when on sale.  I will share what I do to save money on these cartridges.  The best deals at the local stores seems to be 34.00-39.99, after the cartridges has been out for a while.  I purchase mine online.  If you do eBay you can pick up so many of them.  I have gotten mine from eBay from 15.00-35.00.  One of my favorite websites to purchase them from is Memory Miser .  They have all kinds of sales if you don't have to have the cartridges as soon as they come out.  They have the new releases at 24.99-39.99, which is a better price then stores for new releases.  They also have free shipping if you spend more than 50.00.

Another thing I want to mention about cartridges.... I have recommended a cartridge that I thought was so versatile and people would just give me this look.  I knew they were thinking I don't want that.  Let me explain.  I would recommend the Paper Doll cartridge and so many didn't want the paper dolls.  Well, neither did I, but why I loved the cartridge is because for each image they showed on the back of that cartridge there would be 3 or 4 more designs.  So if you picked the Pilgrim paper doll, there would be a pumpkin, a pie, a turkey and so on.  Those images would be valuable in use of card making and scrapbook pages.  Since the cartridge had a doll for every holiday, season and other occasions, it had so much on it.  I know they don't sell that one anymore, although you maybe able to get one on eBay.
So look below and see the back of this cartridge I am going to use today.

You see the images, below is a page for just one of those images.  This cartridge has less extras per item then a lot of the other ones.  With this one you get an alphabet and then the bottom line with the star and step 1 phrase.  So with this one image there is more, that doesn't show up on the back.  You just have no idea what the extras are.  I think provo craft does themselves an injustices by not showing the extras. 

Okay I used this image and used the background cut and not use the layering.  I thought how cute these would be for tags on baby items I make for charity.

I used some of my stamps.  Below is a set that "Stampin Up" has for sale.  If you are a knitter you may like to pick this set up.  I love it!!!

Since I didn't have anything on hand to tie my tag to so you can see how I am going to use them, I am using a work in progress for a swap.  I just used a piece of yarn and took a yarn needle and ran the yarn through the item and up into the bow holes of the bib.  Just adorable.

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  1. Love your blog Julie, some yummy recipes too and the yarn you chose is just lovely.
    Mysti from RAV


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