I will play with my Interests with Pintrest

I decided that this week I was going to try some of the things I have pinned on my Pintrest .  I would love for any of you to follow me, I will follow you back.  On Ravelry there were people who talked about Pintrest.  Many said it was such a time consuming thing.  I have not found that to this point.  I do believe you can spend a lot of time if you check out all the links to the things you pin on your boards.  Here is what I have been doing... I go there and go down the things that have been pinned by the people I follow and all pins.  I pin the things that interest me.  I have gone back when I need to take a dish to pass somewhere and tried a new recipe.  Or I may go through my knitting board and pick a post to read.  Now if something ends up being something with no information or a dead end I delete it.  I am going to put something to identify that I have looked at that post.  Like maybe =0) or ~ or *, something to indicate that I have checked it out.  Okay for this week I am going to try some of the things I have pinned and then let you know how it goes.  This may save you time from trying it or maybe make you interested in it.

This one I tried before and so love it, I just must share with you.  It was posted as just like Mary Kay's hand scrub to make your hands silky smooth.  Well, I have been using the Mary Kay and thought I would try this.   I love it!!!!!  I gave some away for Mother's day gifts.  My mother in-law thanked me, but I have not heard if she liked it.  Still waiting to hear from my mother.
You only need two ingredients, sugar and this Dawn dish soap with Olay.  I found two scents, but this one smelled fresh and it was the one they used in the pin on my board.   Here is the website that it comes from.  This is a hand scrub that also leaves your hands soft.  Keeping the word scrub in mind, I found that different brands of sugar have different size granules.  The Domino brand has a little larger granule and I really like it.  You also can get it at Sam's Club which makes it economical.  I don't use my scrub for just my hands.  I keep it in the shower and use it on my feet and by spreading it on my feet, sometimes my elbows I am also getting my hands.
You can make any size batch. I don't measure it.  Just pour some sugar in a bowl and add some dish soap, stir.  You want the consistency of frosting, thick frosting or a soft paste.  So if it is to liquidity add more sugar.

That is all there is to it.
Now on the website they have jars, canning jars they put it in and gift it.  I gave it as gifts in the jars and it looked pretty, but since have discovered that in the shower I would rather have a plastic container.  I think you could make the contain look cute with the right decorations and be able to give it in that container.  The person receiving would probably enjoy it that way to.
My container is the small size marshmallow fluff.  I have to say I am now looking at the containers that my foods come in a little differently.  If you end up making this or other homemade items that seem to be posted on Pintrest, it is something to keep in mind.
Give it a try and let me know what you think.

The two different colors in my jar is not seperating ingrediants, but that the first batch of the hand scrub had a little bit of what I had left of the Mary Kay hand scrub.  I just poured the little bit I had left in so I could use it up.  Then when I decided to feature this I put the new mix of the hand scrub on top.  It will all get used.  I don't want to waste the little bit I had left.


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