Homemade Shaving Cream

Okay yesterday, I tried the handmade lotion, today I am going to tell you about handmade shave cream, from the same website.  I tried it a while ago and have not been happy with it, until today!
As you can see it was very thin and runny.  I followed the recipe as she had it.
1 cup shampoo (Sauve naturals coconut-it smells yummy)
1 cup conditioner (I used the companion to the shampoo)
5 Tablespoons of lotion (she used the homemade)
5 Tablespoons of coconut oil solid
That is what gave me the runny version above.  I seemed to use so much to get my legs shaved, that I don't think I saved anything over the shave gel I usually used.  Okay, but one big difference, it did leave my legs feeling soft without having to apply lotion after shaving.  So I really liked that and didn't give up on this.  If you like it very thin then this recipe is perfect for you, as is.

I tried using a different lotion, I tried not warming the coconut oil, but neither worked. This morning I was shaving and was thinking about this. I remembered that on one of my trips away from home I didn't have hand lotion and my hand were very dry, so I put a little hair conditioner on them and it worked. I used to put a dime size puddle in my hand to run through my girls long hair when they got out of the bath tub, when they were little. This acted like a dangler, without having to purchase something extra. Only use a little bit or it will make their hair look oily. So I thought how about if next time I use less shampoo and more conditioner. The Sauve was only 1.79 at my local grocery store, so not a big amount. I do have a lot mixed up already and don't want to waste it, so I decided to just add more conditioner to the current batch and that thickened it right up. So I will be able to use up the current batch. This morning in the shower I dabbled with the amount of conditioner to the amount of shampoo, just for testing and shaved and it worked okay. I do think the lotion and oil adds to the reason my legs are not dry after shaving with the cream.


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