Les Cheries need cloths

I made a up a pattern for a tank top and skirt, nothing extravagant, just something.  I then when ahead and knit the set up again for the Holiday celebration.  They are both such simple patterns you can make them different lengths, add a border pattern, fancy stitches to change the whole look.

Tank top
*fingering weight yarn
*US 2 (3mm)
Cast on 56 stitches
-Knit row 1 & 2 in ribbing:  K1, P1
-Row 3:  K1, P1, K7, cast off 13, K5, K2tog, K5, cast off 13, K6, P1, K1
-Row 4:  K1, P8 to gap, cast on 5, P11 to gap, cast on 5, P8 to last st, K1-    -Row5:  K1, P1, K to last 2 sts, P1, K1
-Row 6:  K1, P to last st, K1
*Repeat row 5 & 6 til desired length. I finished with 4 rows of garter stitch
Cast off

*fingering weight yarn
*US 2 (3mm)
Cast on 50 sts-Knit in the round
Knit 4 rows of ribbing K1, P1
Knit until desired length.  I ended with Purl one row, Knit one row and then end with purl one row
cast off

Okay I know these are not anything real special and I posting my notes to share with other doll knitters.  Please, don't make me regret it.  These are for your use or you can make them to sell, but please! Don't post these patterns as your own or sell them.  I would love to see what you guys make with these patterns.  They knit up very quick.  I used snaps on the above top, but am going to try one with hook and loop tape, to see how it goes.


  1. The clothes are so cute and sporty! Very nice!

  2. Oh, such a cute outfit! Well done, Julie, well done!

  3. Enjoy them and I would love to see what you do with them.

  4. Oh! Very nice ! Thank you for sharing your notes :-D

  5. Bravo, ta demoiselle porte un bel ensemble


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