Audio Book Monday

An Echo in the Bone
Diane Gabaldon
This is the last book out in this Outlander series.  It is very good.  These books have had action, adventure, mystery, some romance, suspense and if traveling back in time through the stone circle is science fiction, then you can add that to.  So this series has it all.

I highly recommend reading or listening to this series.

I am not sure how to write up what I am listening to, because in descrbing I will give to much away.  So I have decided I will list the name of the book I am listening to and who wrote it.  Maybe a tad bit of what is in it and if I do recommend it.  I will write if I don't like a book and tell why.  Everyone has different tastes and maybe you will like what I listen to and maybe you wont.  It is suggestions for reading or listening to if you are looking for a book.  You can always read the descriptions on Amazon and see if you would like to check it out.  This is my pick for today. 


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