What is Mr. Kitty up To?

Mr. Kitty had a busy day.  He was so happy to sit by the screen door and look out.  It was a whopping 62 degrees today.  That is warm for this time of year.  He talked to all his friends that came to visit with him.  His little chickadees that talk back to him and still sit on the pouch on the other side of the screen while Mr. Kitty talks.  I think they are used to him now and know he is not going to get them, so they stay and chat with him and he just loves it.  Today one of his gophers stop back to visit with him.  Gopher will stay on the other side of the screen while kitty talks and while we come up and talk to him also.  I don't know if Gopher is a boy or girl.  I really should get a picture because I know it is hard to believe it without seeing it.  It is true.  He even one night this summer was chatting away when it was so dark out.  My husband said "I wonder what kind of friend is Mr. Kitty making now?"  He went to the door and turned on the light and there was a mother skunk and 2 babies on the other side of the screen.  My husband yelped and jumped back and went to the other side of the door slide it shut as quick as could be.  My husband said he wondered what was going on because Mr. Kitty was chatting away to those skunks and they were all there right next to the screen, not spraying him.  Who knows what words pass amoungst the animals.


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