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I wanted to talk about my Credit/Gift/Business Card holders.  I created these because as I was carring one of my bags with a matching checkbook cover & money/coin pouch, I thought wouldn't it be wonderful to have a matching card holder.  I made me one and love it because I can grab just it and get all those cards we carry now.  You know like our bank cards, reward cards, punch cards, credit cards.  I don't have to dig through a wallet to find all my cards.  So I decided to make some for ebay and etsy to sell.  It also gave me a little item to offer so people could try out my creations without investing alot of money.  Of course this is in hopes to have people be delighted with their item and come back to visit my auctions again.  I realize not all people like to carry a fabric purse and accessories.  So my things aren't for everyone, but they also make wonderful gift options.  Now I am going to concentrate on the card holder in this post.
Here is a coupld of my card holders.  I started by cutting out several from pieces of fabric in my scrap box.  Many of those pieces were large enough for them and I have some wonderful pieces in that box, that I just can't throw away.

So I am offering many prints in this item.  Again there will be some that I will not have anymore of that fabric.  Below is the inside.  There is a pocket on both sides.  I made the pockets wide enough so you will be able to fit many cards on both sides.

I started advertising them for gift card holders, when I was going to give a gift card and was astounded at the cost of some of the reusable, cute card holders.  So I thought, my card holders you could put the gift card in one pocket and slip a little something in the other side or not.  For a sewing friend you could get fun buttons, a pack of hand needles, a little note.  Then not only will they have the gift card, they will have a card holder that they can go on to use.  This is like 2 gifts in one.

Then another thought came to me.  Yes, I have one of those minds that race and has idea after idea, but I can't do them all.  I always have to carry a pad of paper and pen with me to write things down.  Okay, back to the subject at hand.  I started carrying my business cards in one.

**A little Secret**
In all the time I have been selling on ebay, which has been many years.  I have never told this.  I don't promote it in my auctions on either Ebay or Etsy.  Here it is....
All of my handmade items, like pouches, totes, card holders, not my doll clothes, come in little fabric gift bags.

I make these also, as well as a couple of my children sew them for me and I pay them.  They have a little extra spending money that they have earned and it helps me have some ready to go once I have something to mail.  I have bags that I make to fit the item I am sending.  So your item come gift wrapped.  In a reusable bag.  You are probably saying why don't you tell anyone?  There are a few reasons.
Many years ago when I made the choice to stay home with my children (1994), we knew things would be tight and we would have to watch our money.  We already did that, but we would have to watch it more and then we could make this happen.  So many are not able to stay home with their children, so I felt very lucky to be able to.  So when birthday's came around I was thinking wrapping paper was a huge waste of money.  Yes, it made the present pretty and we all like to receive beautifully wrapped gifts, but what happened after it came off the gift?  It got thrown away.  I saw money being thrown away.  So as a crafty person that sews, I developed the gift bag.  As the string, ribbon, yarn or whatever I found to tie the bag shut seemed to now be with the bag, I started sewing that on.  Now I do all kinds of things with my gift bags.  They are reusable, so we are saving in more ways then one.  My kids get tired of the gift bags, but when I give them to relatives, they keep them to give to their families.  It puts a smile on my face. 
When I went to craft shows, trying to earn a little extra money for my family I would put each handmade item in a gift bag, people loved them.  I even had people say, if I buy another item, will you put it in another bag?  Then people wanted to pick through my bags and pick which one they got and people wanted to buy them from me.  I had to say no to both. 
So I did it for my handmade items, so once you receive your item from me, I wanted you to feel like you are receive a gift.  Just a little something extra to make you smile.  I hope they do this.  So the secret is out here on my blog.  I still wont promote it on my auctions, but you know. 

I put each item in a plastic bag before sending because I had one of my envelopes rip open and the item got wet before the person received it.  That only happened once, but I do go to the extra to protect.  It cost more with me purchasing some of these plastic bags and a tad bit more weight, but I believe you should get your item new and as you see it on my auctions.
So please keep these card holders in mind if you need a little gift, keep a few extra on hand for that last minute gift.  They are a great gift all in themselves.


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