I have knitted up a bunch of Bunnies

I loved this project.  These bunnies knit up fast and are so adorable.  I have made some changes to the patters, so I will explain.  I started with a pattern called Bunny Nugget from Danger Craft.
Isn't it adorable?  I followed the pattern and the above is my end result.  They suggest you use up your scrap yarn and it is really great for that.  I used worsted weight (Caron Simply soft) on a size US5 needle.  This makes for a tight fabric so you can stuff and not see the stuffing.  You could also use the plastic pellets and they wouldn't come out.  I added beads for eyes, but if this is for a child you could just use yarn to make they eyes and that would be safe.  I bought a bag of pom poms, very cheap, for tails.  You can also make your own pom poms from your yarn.  I cheated.
Okay I had a small ball of some very soft yarn, I don't know what it is, but it is bulky.  I knit on the size US 5 and it is much bigger then the first nugget.  I also knit regular ears for it.  It is very cuddly.  You really can have fun with these.
Okay next I was thinking of making a more rounded one, so instead of sewing up the seam on the bottom straight, I took the tail and put it through the stitches on my needles and gathered them up.  This created a more round one.  I then named this Bunny tater tot.  I used US 5 and caron simply soft.  Cute Cute Cute!
Proceeding on with trying things and having fun.  I had a small ball of DK whit yarn in my left over bag.  I used size US2 and decresed the amount of stitches.  It is 24 stitches to cast on and I did 12 or 13.  These are all knit in the round.  I did the gathering of stitches on the bottom, makeing the round bottom.  I called this one Bunny jelly bean.  I started something a little different with the ears to.  You end up with a yarn tail at both ends of the ear.  The bottom one I use to sew it to the bunny head.  The top one I put on a yarn needle and run it down the center of the ear and then pulling a little extra and it makes the ear bend over.  Okay I do this first and then sew on the ear.  That way I can tie a know and hold the yarn where I want and then run the tail into the head of the bunny so it is barried.
Here is another regular nugget style and a bent ear.
Okay then I did some more changes and really love this pattern.  Still using the nugget pattern for the body, then switching the ears to this Cat Nip Bunny.  This pattern is a bigger body and wanted the same size body, but I loved the ears.  I also liked to add a little bow.  I played with the placement of the bead eyes and I started sewing the bottom up differently. 
I ran my yarn through about 3 stitches on the bottom side of the 3 stitches and then 3 stitches of the top side end.  I pulled the yarn gathing and making it more rounded on both ends.  Then flat stitching in the center.  This gives it the round on each side, but keeping a flat bottom and thus allowing it to sit up even before you put on the tail.
This color is one of my favorite.  I also decided I like the eyes more together, then far apart.  I want to add eye lashes to some.  You really can have fun with this pattern.  You could also add the cat nip, make yarn eyes and sew on a tail like the catnip bunny pattern.  If you have questions, let me know.


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