I've been knitting more toys

First off is this adorable little owl from Amy Gaines patterns.  You can check out all the ones she has available.  I have purchased several and plan on knitting them all.  This was the first.  This is a very easy to follow along pattern.  It is knit on straight needles, so there is some seaming.  I did knit the legs on double point 5" to make them in the round and have no seams on them.  The rest of the pieces you wont be able to simply convert over to "in the round".  It is small and adorable.  I used Knit picks sport weight yarn called "Shine" and some odds and ends for the periwinkle color on the legs.  I would knit this again and try other fun colors to.  I used size US3 to get the tight fabric you need for toys, so you don't see the fiber fill.  They call for DK weight yarn and that sport yarn switches out and gives me the right gauge for my knitting.  You can make it with any yarn.  My tip since I have been knitting alot of toys, is whatever yarn you use, check the label.  If it suggests size 8 needles then go down 1 or 2 sizes to get a tighter stitch, again so you fiber fill will not show.  Then follow the pattern just as it is written.  You can do this with any toy pattern.  I am sure you realize that it will change the size of the toy bigger or larger, depending on the weight of yarn you use.  You also need to remember if you want to make this for a child, don't use beads or buttons on the eyes, just make a black center eye with yarn.
I also knit up this kitty from Ala & Ela.  I really like their patterns.  They have easy knits and more advance knits, all are adorable.  Their patterns are easy to follow.  They are not expensive and they even have some that are free.  So check that out.  This one is called "Amusing Cat".  I changed the colors because I didn't have the colors recommended.  I wanted to get knitting right away.  He is cute in a weird sort of way, in my opinion.  I would knit another because this seamed very easy to me, but I would do the striping the pattern called for and colors they have done them in.  Maybe if I did his face a little better I would be more happy with my end result.  Here is mine.
Here is theirs.
I will probably have to do it again so I can accomplish one I really like.  My kids think the gray one is great!  Let me know what you think I can do to improve mine.  I am now working on another cupcake.  I have to get them done for friends and make me one to.  Those go really fast and then I will probably do another toy.


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