I just finished listening to Young James Bond

I bet you are wondering why I would listen to this?  I like a lot of the young adult books.  They are wonderful and most of the time they are more about a plot and story than about blood, gore or sex.  These are when James bond is a teenager.  I tried the first book in this series called Silver Fin.  I liked it so much I went on to the next.  These are written by Charlie Higson.  They are an overseas book and it seems we don't have the same release date as they do over there.  We get the books a little later and the audiobook way later.  I just found the 4th book Hurrican Gold on Audible just recently.  He already has a couple of other books out.  They are adventures and clever how he gets himself out of sticky situations.  This series so far has been a joy to listen to. 
I would definetly give the series 5 stars.  This last book wasn't as exciting as the previous 3, but I would say I would listen to it again.
Have a terrific day.


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