I Knitted a Pair of Socks

My socks turned out wonderful.  Okay I have knit socks before, but this is my first pair doing magic loop, two at a time.  I have wanted to, but as with everything new you try, the first time you really need to invest some time and get the technique down.  Don't look how long they are, please.  I have these big ski feet.  I wear size 10 ladies.  I love this yarn!  It is soft to touch, wonderful to work with and you just gotta love pink.  Okay, I love pink.  I did purchase this yarn in a blue and a green and one other color.  You can find it here.  It is at Knit Picks and it is called felicity self striping sock yarn.  It has 75% superwas merino, and 25% nylon.  Once you try sock yarn with nylon, I do think you will fall in love.  It bounces back after it is stretched.  Love it!  Okay this was done cuff down and I used the directions from
2 at-a-time socks book.  It is a great book and there is a link to it to Amazon at top of the page. Now she has another book Toe-Up 2 at-a-time book.  I need to try a pair toe up, plus there is many great patterns in both books.  Check them out, I think you will like them.


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