Doll Make over Part 2

lets get started.  I then take a damp paper towel and just a touch of hand soap, shampoo or dish soap and wash her whole body.  This often takes off a lot.
Then onto some of the more difficult ink stains, dark spots, paint, red marker and more.  I purchase the Magic Eraser or in the case below, I found a box for 3.99 at Walgreen's and then I cut a piece off.  I first dampin one end and rub it on spots, the more difficult spots need the dry side and some elbow grease.  Remember to not use it on parts of the body where there is painted on eyes or finger nail color, it can take it off.

I was able to get all the stains off with this method, even the red marker, white paint on one shoulder, dark stain on another shoulder, pen mark on the foot and more!  What a wonderful tool.

I have had an occasion when even the magic eraser did not work.  I think use a little dab of Clearasil.  Yes, pimple cream with 10% Benzoyl Peroxide.  You put a dab on the spot and set it under a lamp that gives off heat for 1/2 hour to 1 hour and then take the lamp off and let the doll sit with the cream on over night.  This has worked for me.  My daughter had a cheap desk lamp that really gives off the heat and it works terrific.  If it lightens, but doesn't take away, try it again.
Maybe some of you have some tips, please share.
Tomorrow I will style her hair and show you my hair kit.


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