Let's do Les Cheries Hair

Let's work on her hair.  This is my hair supply box.  I have kinda collected many items that I use and just found a plastic box to keep them in.

I used the foam curlers.  I should have used the little papers you use to roll up hair, it prevents the ends from getting frizzy and makes it much easier to roll up.  I did it this way because I was going to put a little flip to the ends.  The Les Cheries hair is very easy to play with.  If your dolls hair is clean, then just wet it down, I use a little spray bottle with water.  Then use the curling method and leave it to dry.  Then if you want the curls out because you want a new style or you don't like what you did, just wet it down again.

Okay below is a picture of some of my items.  The foam curlers are very inexpensive.  You can find the papers in the store right by the hair curlers.  I also have strips of fabric, those work very well to get a very tight curl.

Tah-dah!  Now she looks like a new girl.  I do still have a touch up to the eye lids.  I am going to try to find a matching paint.  They painted the eye balls there and that makes them look like lids and then they glued on eyelashes.  So knowing that, you can touch up the eyelids.  The eye lids have a scratch on each one.  I can't think of why that would happen?
Isn't she looking wonderful?  I will give the eye lids a try and then I am going onto knitting an outfit and then sew an outfit, so stay tuned.

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  1. You've done a great job Julie. She's looking great.


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